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About Me

                         Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We fear uncertainty regarding love, loss and pain so we shield ourselves against this rawness of life.   We know that comfort is easy.  Most people stay in their comfort zone because that is the safe haven they have created for themselves. But this is not what God planned for our life. He wants us to live our life without fear and bondage.

You can learn and grow at an accelerated rate by allowing yourself to achieve things outside of your comfort zone. By continually expanding your comfort zone you will uncover new possibilities that you could not see before because you was tucked away in your safe haven.

Keep in mind that new possibilities will impact what you think you want out of life. This means that each time you break through your comfort zone you need to be flexible and keep an open mind as to what is next based on the new knowledge you now possess.  As you experience these new things remember its okay to be scared and know that you are not alone. By staying focus on your new adventures not only will your life become more exciting but you will also build confidence and self esteem.

Consider stepping out of your comfort zone into the purpose that God has for you which include love, peace, great success and happiness.

Changes can’t happen until you take the first step...


Founder/CEO Darlene H. Joyner
Founder/CEO      Darlene H. Joyner

I am a Certified Master Life Coach, Life Skills Coach, Life Skills Coach Trainer and Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner. I help people who struggle with life changing events and don’t know where to go from there, when certain aspect of life seem difficult and you want to change them, when relationships become too difficult to deal with, when you start to behave in a manner that causes you pain, stress and unhappiness, when you want to be more active in the life you’re living, when you seeking success and satisfaction in current career choice or if you feeling stuck in your career and want to transition into a new career choice or maybe life is going well and you want to keep the momentum going. I can help you leap over these hurdles in life.

I am very passionate about helping others make positive changes in their lives and achieve their life-long dreams and goals.  I held many key leadership positions both in the military and civilian sector. My leadership training, coach training and counseling skills help me along with you get to the root of what is standing between you and your happiness, once we find the root of the problem, we will co-create a clear action plan for success. I will support and encourage you to achieve your goals.

My service unlike other because I understand the dynamics of relationships, team building, transitions, change management, how to motivate people and how to solve problems. I am a retired Army Veteran who served 24 years of military serve. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Management. My mission is to empower my clients to reach a better and more fulfilled level of happiness; to find a clear purpose in their lives, relationship and careers and to help them be the best person they can BE!

I am a Divine conduit for transforming the quality of people’s lives.

“I can helps you achieve your personal vision of your best self and your best life”


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