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Monday, September 23 2013

Anxiety creates a restlessness that makes it difficult for you to focus and concentrate. At times, your mind and body feel as unsettled as the churning sea.

These feelings spring from a search of peace, without knowing where it is or how to find it. It’s a relentless outward quest for perfection and a desire for control that’s founded on the longing  for serenity. But since peace is God, what you’re really craving is a connection with the Divine.

Everything that you’re craving is waiting for you in the quiet moments when you close your eyes, breathe, and calm your body and mind. This is where God is and where peace resides… this is what you yearn for.

So, take frequents breaks, closing your eyes and breathing deeply throughout the day (and especially during difficult situations, or whenever you feel anxious). Remember that God is holding your hand through all matters, calm and chaotic. You can always lean on him and borrow his serenity whenever you choose. Your peacefulness pours cooling liquid upon raging fires, bringing about harmonious solutions to all apparent problems.

Peace is the answer to any question you have today…JUST PEACE!

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