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Wednesday, November 27 2013

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I want to share with you this articles I wrote on May 9, 2013 to post on

“Connecting to the BEST YOU is as simple as letting go and enjoy all life have to offer”

Have you ever been told by others to get out of your comfort zone in order to be more successful and happier? Are your life at a standstill because you afraid to try new things?

We fear uncertainty regarding love, loss and pain so we shield ourselves against this rawness of life. We know that comfort is easy. Most people stay in their comfort zone because that is the safe haven they have created for themselves. But this is not what God planned for our life. He wants us to live our life without fear and bondage.

You can learn and grow at an accelerated rate by allowing yourself to achieve things outside of your comfort zone. By continually expanding your comfort zone you will uncover new possibilities that you could not see before because you was tucked away in your safe haven.

Keep in mind that new possibilities will impact what you think you want out of life. This means that each time you break through your comfort zone you need to be flexible and keep an open mind as to what is next based on the new knowledge you now possess. As you experience these new things remember it’s okay to be scared and know that you are not alone. By staying focus on your new adventures not only will your life become more exciting but you will also build confidence and self esteem.

Consider stepping out of your comfort zone into the purpose that God has for you which include love, peace, great success and happiness.

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