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Life/Relationship Coach:

Do you want to improve your life in any specific way, such as work on your dreams, your ambitions, work on being a better you, finding a healthy lasting relationship, improve the communication in your relationship, improve self image, self confidence and self esteem or If you're divorce and feeling overwhelmed with managing the children and daily chores; If you fear commitment; If you want peace and happiness in your love life; If you need help finding your life purpose; If you need help with developing social skills and build self confidence; If you need help to find personal happiness; If your marriage is in trouble; If you need help to balance work and life – Working with a Life Coach is the fastest and easiest way to get there. I can help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life.

I can help you eliminate the interference that stands between you and your life-long dreams and goals.

Transition Coach:

Civilians, Veterans, Retirees, Spouses and Family members, Transition is not a fun or happy situation for any family. It’s a time of pause and decision making.  You don’t have to go through this period in your life alone. Let me be that someone who can help you cope with and get pass any obstacle that is standing in your way of complete satisfaction. My goal is to lessen the burden of transitioning.

As our children grow and become independent, many women struggle with empty nest syndrome. They may experience feelings of worry, or even abandonment. When a child (or children) leaves the nest, it is common to feel empty, unneeded, and lost, unless you have a plan to create some new, meaningful experiences in your new life without Children. As your children leave home, your role in their lives change, and that can be tough to accept. I work with clients like you to re-examining what it is that makes you happy, (outside of your children), what makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled, and encourages you to create new opportunities for self-growth, and find meaningful and enjoyable ways to spend your time. A happy Mom means a happy home/family.

Divorce. If you are going through a divorce or are divorced and you're having a hard time dealing with this situation or you may be stuck on how to move on pass this, I can help you get your life back on track so you will be able to live the happy, healthy and abundant life we all deserve.

Law of Attraction Practitioner:

Law of Attraction Practitioner will help you:

1. Understand the theory of LOA.

2. Discover the role your thoughts and emotions play in manifesting your desires.

3. Identify stumbling blocks to your success that are emanating from the unconscious mind.

4. Learn how to forgive.

5. Learn the stepping stones to attract abundance into your life.

“You will leave my sessions renewed, re-energized and inspired to take action to reclaim your focus with workable solutions to accelerate your life on your terms.”

"Live the life you have imagined as you simplify the way you live"


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