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My name is Cathy. I had an issue accepting when I was wrong. I always had to be right. This was causing me friends and finally caused me my job. It’s wasn’t until then I realized I had a problem and needed help. A few days after I had lost my job, I was at a local Walmart and when I returned to my car, I seen a Flyer on my windshield saying, if you need help to get your life back on the right track give me a call. There was other information on the Flyer but this statement caught my attention and my mind wouldn’t let it go. So, I gathered up enough courage to call Ms. Darlene and that was the best call I had made in a very long time. When, I tell you she knows her craft please believe me. I am a happier person now and with the adjustment I made within me and my life. I am now happily employed and getting along with everyone around me. I owe all this to Ms. Darlene.


This is not an advertisement but, if you feel things aren’t going right in your life please give Ms. Darlene a call.  Cathy, Site Leader, Jonesboro Ga


I had become isolated and unhappy due to recent deployments. My marriage was in deep trouble. Darlene helped me to build up the courage and take the practical steps I needed to connect with people, to communicate with my wife more effectively and find a new meaning to the word LIFE. My wife is very happy with the new me. I feel so much happier and I credit this at Darlene. This was a Great Investment. I was recommended to Darlene by my Supervisor. ~ Bobby, Army Soldier, Fayetteville, NC


I found myself in a rut doing the same things every day without any enjoyment. I was just miserable. I did not know how I got to this point but I knew I needed help to get out. I contacted Darlene. After her initial assessment, we developed a plan which consists of 10 things I need to work on to get me to where I wanted to be. Upon completion of our sessions, I am in the best place in life I have ever been. I thank Darlene for helping me to get here. ~ Gregory, Logistic Specialist, Atlanta GA


I am a Medical Student. I contacted Darlene for help because I was feeling uncertain about my career choice. She helped me understand that uncertainty is a normal part of the process of career development. We developed a plan that help me addressed the important thing of trying to identify why I might be feeling unsure and then I explore some practical exercises that help me to reduce my level of uncertainty about my career choice. I am now certain I chose the right career path for me and I glad Darlene helped me to get pass my uncertainty. Her service is worth the cost.  ~ Marlana, Medical Student, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


I have been married twice before and I was on my way to purchase my current girlfriend an engagement ring when I suddenly realized that this would be my third marriage. This made me looked back on my passed relationships and the question I couldn’t answer was “Are, you really in Love? or Is it that you hate being alone?” At this point I know I needed help because I want to know the real answer for myself before I could move forward with this engagement. I was telling Edward a friend of mine about what happen and he referred me to Darlene. I’m glad he did. She help me to understand the things from my pass that had affected my passed relationships and was about to destroy my current relationship. I’m truly thankful for her help. I can now move forward with my current relationship knowing that I truly love my girlfriend and she is the one God has chosen to as my Soulmate. I recommend her to all who read my review.~ Jewel, Government Contract Manager, Washington, DC


My name is Donald. I came to know Darlene by conducting a Google search online for a Life Coach and I ran across her site. The helping hands on her site home page caught my attention so, I checked out her complete site. I was amazed at her Veteran status so, I contacted her. I had allot going on in my life. I felt as if, I was losing control of myself and I just wanted some peace. I spoke, Darlene listen and she pointed out a few things to me right off the back. I became her client and we worked together to clear away all that was causing me to be so unhappy. I got rid of old belief habits. I learn how to forgive and truly meant it. I learned the important of not being afraid to take action. I learned that the most important thing in life is for me to Love Me, trust God at his word and be grateful for all I have now and for unseen blessing coming to me at any given moment. I must say that the investment I made on myself was the best and smartest investment I have ever made. Thanks again, Darlene. I wish you continued success in all future endeavors. Oh! I will be back for a tune-up.~ Donald, Program Manager, Atlanta Ga


Darlene provided assessment and exercises that helped me define my life purpose. She held me accountable during my journey. She was their helping me along the way. I am very grateful for our time spent together. I am in a much better place with my career and life. Thanks again, Darlene ~ Steven, Air Condition Technician, Navy Veteran, Columbia SC


Life has thrown many curveballs my way. The way I address my situation caused an unhappy outcome. I have always had a problem with reacting before I thought things through. I almost lost my current job because of my quick reaction to a situation without hearing what was completely said before I opened my mouth. Because this was not the first time I had reacted in such a manner I was counseled and my job was on the line if this happens again. This hurt me deeply. I need my job so, I said to myself I have to get help.

At the end of the day, as I was walking to my car, a co-worker approach me and hand me a flyer (she founded on her car the previous day). It was “Another Blessing Production, LLC”, Life Coach Services, website, and POC. I pulled up the website and I liked what I seen so, I contacted Darlene for an appointment. I told her what I been going through and she made an appointment to meet with me.

I can tell you this was heaven sent. Ms. Darlene met with me. She heard all I had to say. It was like she knew me personally. She asked me the right questions which caused me to think. WE agreed upon a plan to help me get back on track. Since, I started my sessions, I learned things in my past was affecting my present. She helped me worked through those issues. It has been 9 months since I started my session and I can say for the first times in years I feel really good about myself. I’m very calm not quick to jump in defense. I have received a very good Performance Evaluation with a pay raise and I’m so thankful to my Co-worker for giving me that Flyer.

Darlene is GREAT Life Coach!!! and I’m so thankful God sent her to help me! ~ Sabrina, IT Tech, Atlanta GA


I have been so accustomed to putting everyone before me until I had lost who I was. I had little drive to go after the things I wanted out of life. I became depressed. I did not like the person I had become. I wanted to get my happy back and start enjoying life again before I got stuck in this awful place.


I knew I needed help but didn’t had a clue as to who could help me. I was having a conversation with my Friend Dana, so I ask did she of anyone who could help me get back on track and she mention Darlene to me. Dana had run into Darlene about a year prior at Business Meetup Group Meet & Greet and she gave her a Business card. I was shocked Dana still had the card.  Anyway, it took me a month and a half to build up the courage to call Darlene. But once I made that call, as we talked I started to calm down and by the end of our conversation I was making an appointment for my Initial Session.


One important thing I learned from my session is how fear held me back in so many ways. It stopped me from truly embracing life and yep, happiness. I learned how to identify my fears and managed them, so I could get back to a happier me. No, this process did not happen overnight, but it was worthy my rewards in the end. Today, I’m in a happier place and I feel great about myself. I have learned so much about me and this would not have been possible without the help of my Life Coach Darlene Joyner. Thank You! ~ Jessica, Procurement Specialist, Atlanta Ga


As a General Manager, my life is busy, sometime messy and I often forget to take time to relax. I lost touch with myself so, I went on a journey of finding me. I was referred to Coach Joyner by Greg a co-worker (a previous Client). Greg share his experience with Coach Joyner so, I reached out to her and told her about my journey of finding myself and she stated she could assist me with my request. We set-up an appointment where we created a plan to achieve my goal and we went to work.


During the process, I learn how to meditate (something I never thought of). Meditation wiped away my daily stress and it gave me inner peace. I learned so much about writing in a Journal; understanding the important of knowing your core values because they help define who you are and what you aim to be. My sessions with Coach Joyner was so rewarding and I really learned allot from each session. This is not an easy journey. I had to put work into achieving my level of discovery. She was right there motivating me every step of the way.


I am pleased with my sessions with Coach Joyner and I recommend anyone who is looking for results in your quest for self-improvement or any stumbling block in your life to contact Coach Joyner, she’s awesome. ~ Sandy, General Manager, Newman Ga


I adore Coach Joyner. I’m 68yrs old and while I should be enjoying life, retirement, & family instead I had to continue to work to support myself. I stay with some relatives who I was having issues with. I was beyond my breaking point when I went on a site called Meetup trying to find a group or someone to help me cope with my situation. There is where I ran across Coach Joyner group titled “Putting Yourself First”. I submitted my request for acceptance and she accepted me into her group. I asked could we meetup so, I could talk to her. We meet, and the rest is history. She helped me in so many ways. She’s such a nice person too. I recommended her to a few people at my church. I truly adore her. ~ Helen, Peachtree City Ga


I felt like my life was spinning out of control. I was feeling really bad about myself until I contacted Darlene. She listened to what I wanted to work on and tailored her techniques to my particular situation. She always suggested sensible and practical ways to tackle my issues, and they worked! Working together with her, I could clarify my own priorities and better recognize the obstacles in my path. This has put me at ease with my Life challenges. Now, I feel both happier and fulfilled. ~ Elizabeth, Program Manager, Houston, TX


Thanks to your coaching I have realized in the last weeks that I am a chronic "task skipper", and I am becoming aware of both the complications and the source of the dissatisfaction. The whole Call-in Hour was delightful to listen to, full of the most interesting questions and brilliant answers! I have taken good note of your tip about the limiting thoughts. It's almost magic, how you can answer every kind of question not only on short notice, but going step-by-step and building a clear, powerful message. All in all, thanks for such an excellent and inspiring Call-in Hour! ~ Douglas, Programmer, Syracuse, NY


I was lonely. I had very few friends and no one special in my life so, I started to date online. I thought things was going okay, but the person was seeing multiple women and I was devastated when I learned what he was doing. I quickly stop communicating to him and deleted his phone number. As, I stated I was devastated. I fell into a semi-state of depression. My job was the ONLY thing that kept me going. I was on Facebook, when I received to tagged from a co-worked it stated, “Don't dwell on what went wrong. Focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.” This message came from the FB Page that belongs to Coach Joyner. I sent her a message that I needed her help and she contacted we talk she told me how she could help and I like what she was saying so, we started working  together to help be becoming the Person I am today. Self-loving and in a committed relationship what a respectful Man who loves me for me and reminds me often that I am enough. Coach Joyner, I want to thank you, it’s wasn’t easy, but we made it.  Sally, Executive Secretary, Newman, GA


Thank you Ms. Joyner. If it had not been for your advice and coaching I would be in jail. After seeing my wife in the car with another man I was hurt and upset but I also felt at peace knowing the truth. Thank God you was in my life at the right time. Thank You! Darnell, Warehouse Supervisor, Greater Atlanta Area.



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